Guided Lunch Cruise in Stockholm Archipelago
During this 2,5 hour long guided lunch cruise you will learn what is typical about the archipelago, making the journey a beautiful and informative outing. It is the perfect way to experience the best of what the beautiful Stockholm archipelago has to offer. 
You will travel with Stromma Kanalbolaget’s M/S Oestanaa I built 1906 a classic pearl and well-known element in the archipelago.
Lunch is included in the price 
Your main course is included in the price, and you book it in advance together with your booking. On board there is also a cafeteria that serve hot and cold drinks and sandwiches, salads and pies.

Courses to choose between during the period
3 Aug till 24 Sep:
Marinated soot rainbow salmon with delicacies and coarse gravy mustard cheese
Or Wild game burger served with mushroom and root vegetables, cucumber and gel
Or Yellow pea fritters with mushroom and root vegetables
29 Sep-19 Nov:
Fish showder with blue mussel broth and diced root vegetables served with cheese and parsley pesto
Or Syrup-fried swede with hot cabbage salad and cheese and parsley pesto
Time table 26-24 Sep:
daily 10:30, 13:30 
29 Sep-19 Nov: Fri-Sun 10:30-13:30
Price from: SEK365/person
It is possible to make different kind of cruises for example during the week ends you can choose a brunch buffet from SEK520/person, Sunday Afternoon Tea from SEK490/person etc. Why not charter a boat with crew for your group to have a conference or other kind of meals or celebrations on board? 
Contact us for inquiries and bookings:, +46 8 771 82 22 or visit our office on Rådmansgatan 33.